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15 Oct

Onuphrius’ Fountain, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Onuphrius Fountain Dubrovnik Croatia 1

Onuphrius Fountain Dubrovnik Croatia 2

Onuphrius Fountain Dubrovnik Croatia 3

Onuphrius Fountain Dubrovnik Croatia 4

Onuphrius’ Fountain is one of the largest and best known fountains in Dubrovnik’s Old City. The hubby took a drink from the fountain but I didn’t risk it.

08 Oct

Scenes Around The Old City, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Arch Above Window Dubrovnik Croatia

Clothesline Dubrovnik Croatia

Narrow Street Dubrovnik Croatia

Red Umbrella Dubrovnik Croatia

Ruins Trees Dubrovnik Croatia

Vendor Carts Dubrovnik Croatia

View Of Cannon Old City Dubrovnik Croatia

The hubby and I took a gazillion photos in Dubrovnik’s Old City. There were so many interesting sights and things happening.

01 Oct

Locked Small Arch Door, Old City, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Small Arch Gated Old City Dubrovnik Croatia

There is so much to explore in Dubrovnik’s Old City. We spent almost the entire day there and didn’t see a fraction of it.

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