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18 Mar

The Twelve Apostles Sign

The Twelve Apostles Sign

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The Twelve Apostles?

There’s nothing wrong with your eyesight.
Not all twelve ‘apostles’ can be seen from this lookout;
some are hidden behind headlands
or obscured by other rock stacks.

Last century
the formations were called the ‘Sow and Piglets.’
Muttonbird Island near Loch And Gorge
was the ‘Sow’ and the smaller rock stacks the ‘Piglets.’
Perhaps ‘Twelve Apostles’ was thought to be a more dignified name.

The rock stacks are the temporary remnants
of a retreating limestone coastline,
under constant attack by the sea.
Cliff faces are being eroded
at the rate of about two centimetres per year.

These diagrams show the processes
that will turn the headlands you see
into the ‘apostles’ of the future.

1. Wave action erodes the cliff face,
leaving harder rock as headlands.

2. Waves eat away the rock at sea level,
forming caves on each side of the headland.
The caves eventually meet up,
forming an arch.

3. The arch collapses,
leaving a rock ’stack.’

4. Further undercutting by waves
and opening up of vertical cracks in the rock
by rain and saltwater,
gradually reduce the stack to
a low platform or reef.

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