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09 Jun

Stephen King Libris Awards With Clive Barker And Chuck Klosterman

Set For Libris Awards 2007

On June 8, 2007, Stephen King was honored by the Canadian Booksellers Association with the Libris Award for Lifetime Achievement. This is the first time that a non-Canadian has received the award.Clive Barker Tribute To Stephen King

Clive Barker gave a glowing tribute to Stephen King, mentioning how he received a “smothering shrug” after his novel was published and how Stephen King picked him as being “the future of horror.” “A few words from Stephen and lives are changed forever.” The greatest lesson he learned from Stephen King was “the lesson on how to give” and that now he is “to pass the gift along.”
Susan Moldow Scribner Publisher Tribute To Stephen King

Susan Moldow, Publisher at Scribner, called Stephen King a “personally generous man with a gift” and “the freelance champion of popular fiction.”

Stephen King Being Interviewed By Chuck Klosterman

Stephen King, when called on stage, said about the evening “Its like being dead and going to your own funeral.”

Chuck Klosterman pointed out how there are no others in the animal kingdom seeking out terror like humans do. To which, Stephen King replied “We’re sick pups.” “One part of us is saying nothing bad is going to happen to me because nothing ever has. Another part of us is saying something REALLY bad is going to happen to me because nothing ever has.”

Other notable quotes…

“Imagination when its not being used to scare others, it turns around at night and scares yourself.”

When asked a detailed question about the cornerstone of fiction, replied “I just like to make sh** up.”

Talking about how humor and horror being very close…”like pie in the face, it stops being funny when its you.”

Comparing his writing to heavy metal music. Metal music says…”I’m going to clear out your head.” “Don’t you be talking about sh** when I’m playing.” His writing… “I want you to burn dinner.”

About writing quickly…. “If you write everyday, you’re just going to pile sh** up.”

On fame… “I never wanted to be Paris Hilton.” “Writers, as a rule, are not really well known.”
He told the story of being offered $10 to change a tire (”son, you want to make a quick $10?”). When his wife asked why he was going to do it, he said “its the only honest money I’d make.”
When the driver of the car with the flat tire asked him “Can you go a little faster?”, he thought “its another f***ing editor.”

On leaving a legacy…”I did the best that I could.” “If you try to write to the ages, you write sh**.”

Stephen King Accepting Libris Award

To Clive… “The joy is in the stories.” “My first thought was G**, these are great and second, how can I steal from them?”

Described himself as “an ernest fellow with more imagination than talent.”

Stephen King Libris Awards Programme Front Cover

Stephen King Libris Awards Programme Inside

Stephen King Libris Awards Programme Back Cover

Clive Barker Tribute To Stephen King Libris Awards

Clive Barker Gives Tribute To Stephen King

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