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20 Aug

Turks and Caicos Governor’s Beach

Turks and Caicos

A walk away from the cruise ship dock
is Governor’s Beach, a half decent snorkling spot.
There are also trees for shade
but bring a towel to sit on.

2 Responses to “Turks and Caicos Governor’s Beach”

  1. 1
    Katie Says:

    Hi, my husband and I recently bought land in T & C. I suffer from horrible tree mold allergies and was wondering how your allergies treat you there. My sinus infections have become a matter or life and death. So we need to be moving ASAP.
    thanks for any information

  2. 2
    Kimber Says:


    I don’t have personal issues with allergies so I’m definitely not the expert.

    However, I see postings like this
    (see harley7’s thoughts)
    about mold in hotel rooms…

    Its not looking good…

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