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27 Sep

Coliseum Rome Wide

Coliseum Rome Wide


There is an entrance fee for the Coliseum
but a tour around the outside of
the ancient Roman amphitheatre is free
(plus keen eyed frugal travelers can peak inside).
It is truly like a scene out of the gladiator movies.
I could almost hear the crowds roar.

26 Sep

Camels At Pyramid Giza Egypt

Camels At Pyramid Giza Egypt

For a fee, camel rides are available around the pyramids.
Also for horse lovers,
there are treks into the Sahara
on beautiful Arabians.

There’s usually a charge for photos of locals and animals.

25 Sep

Sphinx Pyramids Giza Egypt

Sphinx Pyramids Giza Egypt
Pyramids Of Giza

If you have time to explore
the Pyramids of Giza complete
with the Sphinx at the entrance,
then the entrance fee is worth it.
To touch the same stones laid by the ancients
is an experience.
However, for time crunched or
extremely budget conscience travelers,
the view from the outside is fine,
especially to watch the laser light show at night.

Note: Any pictures of locals or camels
usually come with a price tag so be prepared.

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