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31 Mar

James Farley Post Office Ceiling New York City

James Farley Post Office Ceiling New York City

Have to mail something while in New York City?
Take the opportunity to visit the James Farley Post Office.
The only post office open 24 hours a day in NYC,
the building opened for business in 1914.
It bears the famous unofficial motto of the Postal Service
“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

30 Mar

Sphinx Detail Giza

Sphinx Detail Giza

As a woman traveling in Egypt,
I dress more conservatively than I do at home.
I wear long pants and long sleeves
(in silk, this is actually cooler than having the sun directly on my pale skin)
and walk with a headscarf.
If I’m in an area (like on the train)
where all the women are wearing headscarves,
I put mine on also.
I also don’t make direct eye contact with the men.

29 Mar

Sphinx Pyramids Giza Egypt

Sphinx Pyramids Giza Egypt Direct

On one trip to Egypt,
we took the train from Luxor to Cairo.
The train, although not at North American standards
(i.e. use the washroom somewhere else before and after boarding),
was quite comfortable
and gave us a great feeling for the countryside.

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