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27 Jun

Stonehenge Detail

Stonehenge Detail

If you like crowds
and exploring unique
and slightly out of control experiences
(in this case, a mix of pagan religions),
the solstice (summer or winter)
or the equinox (spring or autumn),
is the date to do.
(I’d like to do this - once)

If you prefer to savor the peace and beauty
(as we did),
visit at other times.

26 Jun

Stonehenge England Entrance Fees

Stonehenge England 1

The entrance to Stonehenge
(with audio tour)
was included in our tour package.
However, if you don’t need to get really close
to the stones,
many independent travelers
skipped paying the entrance fee
and gazed on the stones from the roadside.
Not optimal for photos
but free.

25 Jun

Stonehenge England

Stonehenge England

We usually go to London about once a year
but had never visited Stonehenge
so we decided to do that a few weeks ago.
We wanted to visit Bath
on the same trek out.
We investigated traveling independently
but strangely enough,
it was less expensive to do it as a combined tour.

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