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06 Nov

Frugal Tips For Flying Long Distances

Some of the most beautiful places in the world are, unfortunately, half a planet away. If you want to see them, you’ll need to travel. Far. So how to make that trip comfortable?

Break It Up With Hub Stops

When the hubby and I last flew from New York City to Australia, we flew Air Tahiti. Air Tahiti allows a free, unlimited stopover at their hub in… you guessed it, Tahiti. Seeing this tropical paradise sliced our trip in half and added more photos to our album.

Travel With Water

Dehydration is a serious issue with the long flights so you have to keep drinking (water, not alcohol, alcohol is killer on the long flights). No, you can’t go through airport security with a full bottle of water but you can go through with an empty bottle. We fill that bottle using the water fountains by the gate.

Walk Until You Board

You’ve had a long day. You’re tired. You simply want to plop down in the waiting area and sleep. Don’t. You are going to be sitting for hours. This is the time to walk and stretch. Don’t worry about looking like an idiot. All seasoned travelers do this.

Be The Last One On

Usually there’s a rush to get on the plane. I never understood this, especially with long flights. The last person on the plane gets to the destination at the same time as the first person, she only has less sitting time. Numb bum is a legitimate concern on long flights. The less sitting time, the less likely you are to get numb bum. If you have multiple carryon baggage, however, you’ll want to get on sooner to secure a spot in the overhead bins.

Take Off Your Shoes

Once you get on the plane and are settled, take off your shoes. Please wear socks and the cleaner the socks the better (to avoid killing your fellow passengers). This will greatly add to your comfort during the flight. Yes, your feet will swell so loosen your laces before putting your shoes back on.

Female Tip – Use Pantyliners

The female body being what it is means you might not be… ahhh… as fresh during a long, long trip. What I do is use a panyliner. Half way through the trip, I’ll discard it (NOT in the toilet).

Brush Your Teeth

We always brush our teeth between flights. We have a miniature toothpaste, well under the liquid thresholds, and toothbrushes (in travel cases) in our carryon. Splashing water on our faces and brushing our teeth revives us long enough to get where we need to go. If you don’t have a miniature tube of toothpaste, simply apply the toothpaste to your brush before putting it in the holder.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

This tip is a given. If you’re going to be traveling for hours, wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. I have pants that resemble my pajamas except they are black. Not only do they go through airport security fine but they are very comfortable. They also wash well and dry quickly, just in case luggage goes missing.

These tips will make your long trip seem shorter, allowing you to arrive more refreshed at your destination.

Happy traveling!

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