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13 Nov

Antechamber Of The Grand Couvert, Versailles

Antechamber Of The Grand Couvert Versailles

Antechamber Of The Grand Couvert

This antechamber, like the Mars drawing room in the King’s Apartment was originally the Room of the Queen’s Guard, as illustrated by the cornice and archway war themed paintings by Paillet and Vignon. The center of the ceiling, originally painted by Vignon, has been redecorated several times. Since the second half of the 19th century, it has featured “The Tent Of Darius,” inspired by the Lebrun original in the Mars Drawing Room. Above the four doors are paintings by Madeleine de Boulogne. Tapestries once covered the walls. Now they are hung with velvet. This enhances the paintings depicting Marie-Antoinette (the portrait of the queen with her children by Vigee Lebrun) and the daughters of Louis XV.

The present name of the room comes from the fact that the King and Queen dined in public here, a practice known as the Grand Couvert. The Antechamber Of The Grand Couvert also hosted concerts and other entertainment. Before the Revolution, a platform for musicians stood against the wall common with the guard room.

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