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13 Nov

The Apollo Drawing Room, Versailles

The Apollo Drawing Room Versailles

The Apollo Drawing Room Ceiling Versailles

Apollo By Lafosse (Painted on ceiling)

The Apollo Drawing Room

The Mercury and Apollo Drawing Rooms were two of the most luxurious of the King’s State Apartment. The Apollo room was a bedchamber before becoming the Throne Room. The famous silver throne, its back eight feet high, stood here until 1689.

The walls have been hung with crimson damask as it had been during the Ancien Regime. Of the 24 candelabra made in 1770 by Babel and Foliot for the Hall of Mirrors (for the wedding of the future Louis XVI to the Archduchess Marie-Antoinette), six original and imposing pieces can be seen. The only original paintings from the royal collection to have been returned here are the portraits of Louis XIV (by Rigaud) and Louis XVI (Callet).

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