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14 Nov

The Mars Drawing Room, Versailles

The Mars Drawing Room Ceiling

Ceiling Painting By Audran
Mars, the God Of War, on a chariot pulled by wolves

Marie Leczinska By Van Loo Mars Drawing Room

Portrait Of Marie Leczinska By Van Loo

The Mars Drawing Room

Until 1682, the Mars Drawing Room was used as a guard room. That is why the ceiling depicts Mars, the God Of War, and the cornice is adorned with helmets and war trophies.

During Louis XIV’s reign, the room was used for concerts on Appartement evenings. In 1684, galleries were built for the musicians on either side of the fireplace. These were taken down in 1750. Also during Louis XIV’s time, the large marquetry cabinets formerly dominating the room were removed.

Most of the paintings now found in the room would have hung here during the 18th century. (The exception being Domenichino’s David hanging over the fireplace - that would have been in the bedroom) The paintings above the doors (painted by Simon Vouet) came from the chateau of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. The originals are in the Louvre. The doors in the back of the room are covered with portieres (curtains hung across the doorway to prevent drafts).

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