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14 Nov

The Peace Drawing Room, Versailles

The Peace Drawing Room Versailles

Painting Of Louis XV by Lemoine

The Peace Drawing Room Lebrun Ceiling Versailles

The Lebrun Ceiling

The Peace Drawing Room

The Peace Drawing Room is dedicated to peace, specifically the Peace Of Nimeguen. The painting of Louis XV by Lemoine was placed above the fireplace in 1729. The young King is offering his twin daughters Henriette and Elisabeth a peace pledge.

The Peace Drawing Room was built on the site of the former Queen’s Cabinet and, in the beginning of the 18th century, was entirely linked to the Queen’s Apartment. When there was no Queen, the Dauphine occupied the apartment.

This drawing room was a busy salon, called the Queen’s Games Room. Of the original furnishings, all that remain are the andirons by Boizot, Thomire and Forestier. Marie-Antoinette ordered these for the fireplace in 1786.

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