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15 Nov

The King’s Apartment

Valmy battle September 20th 1792 Jean-Baptiste MAUZAISSE 1836 Versailles

Valmy Battle Fought September 20th, 1792
Painted By Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse in 1836

The Battle of Jemappes November 6 1792 Horace Vernet Versailles

The Battle of Jemappes Fought November 6, 1792
Painted By Horace Vernet

The King’s Apartment

Shown is The 1792 Room (the room of the Swiss Guards under Louis XVI) but it is a great sub for the King’s Apartment (of which I have no photos).
Because the decor of the King’s Apartment is quite similar. It was, in itself, an innovation within Versailles. The marble and painted ceilings are replaced by woodwork, more and more sculpted and gilded as you approach the finest room of all, the King’s Bedchamber.

The King’s Apartment was first created in 1683. However, it changed considerably under Louis XV with the creation of the state cabinet or Council Room in 1755.

Created shortly after the Court was set up at Versailles, the apartment reflected the new conditions to be met in the King’s daily life. The state apartment was the setting for festivities and ceremonies and was a separate entity from the King’s Apartment proper, where the rituals such as the Leve and the Coucher (when the King would rise or retire in public) and the Grand Couvert prevailed. The King governed from Versailles and met with his ministers in the Grand Cabinet.

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