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18 Nov

The Coronation Room, Versailles

The Coronation Of Napoleon By David

The Coronation Room (Salle du Sacre) is named after this painting.
The Coronation Of Napoleon by David
depicting the coronation of Napoleon I on December 2, 1804
(The first version of this painting is in the Louvre,
the painting for Versailles was completed in 1822)

The Coronation Room Obelisk Versailles

This column can be found in the middle of the Coronation Room. It was constructed of beautiful Sèvres porcelain in 1807 and commemorates the victories of Napoleon I at the time of the German Campaign in 1805.

Painting In Coronation Room Versailles

Painting In Coronation Room Versailles 1

The Coronation Room

Until 1682, this huge room was the chateau’s third chapel. It was then converted to a guard room for both the King and Queen for over a century.

The decor is quite ordinary. But due to its considerable size, the Coronation Room was the setting for major events including the ceremony conducted on Holy Thursday during which the King would wash the feet of thirteen poor children. It was also the site of the politically crucial Lit de Justice on April 13, 1771 where Louis XV dismissed his parliament, leading to reforms which would have saved the monarchy were it not for the ruler’s death three years later.

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