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30 Nov

The Evolution Of Versailles

Versailles Center Paris

Versailles is known around the world as one of the largest and most luxurious chateaus (castles) ever built by a king. Versailles represents the Ancien Regime or absolute monarchy, ruling by divine and individual right.

In 1630 on the ‘Journee des Dupes’ (Day of the Duped) at the original hunting lodge at Versailles, Louis XIII confirmed the rights of Cardinal Richelieu. And in 1789, the States General met for the last time, making the beginning of the end of the ancient line of Capetians (who had ruled France since 987 AD).

Between 1630 and 1789. the chateau expanded, the gardens were laid out, and a new town around it was built. Louis XIV made Louis XIII’s hunting lodge larger and larger until, in April 1682, it was designated the seat of government. During those years, his architects (Levau and then Hardouin-Mansart), his painter (LeBrun), and his gardener (Le Notre) made their marks.

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