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30 Nov

The State Apartment, Versailles

The State Apartment Versailles

The State Apartment Ceiling Versailles

The State Apartment Versailles 1

The State Apartment

The State Apartment, entered through the Hercules drawing room, was renovated between 1671 and 1681 by Lebrun. The King lived here until 1682 when the State Apartment became a suite of drawing rooms used for court ceremonies and entertainments. These festivities became known as “Appartement” evenings due to their setting, and were held by the King on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Although the ceiling decoration has remained untouched since its creation, the furniture and mural decorations have changed throughout the years. The silver furniture was melted down in 1689 and the furnishings sold and dispersed with during the Revolution (the throne also was destroyed). The paintings were transferred to the Louvre and are still included in that collection.

The crimson damask wall hangings which hung here from the middle of Louis XV’s reign to the end of Louis XVI’s have been recently reproduced, especially in the Mars, Mercury and Apollo drawing rooms. The paintings, busts, and the Savonnerie carpets (woven for the Grande Galerie in the Louvre) are examples of the luxury to be found in this suite and were models for all European Courts.

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