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17 Dec

The Royal Opera

Vase Versailles

The Royal Opera (not shown)

In 1685 Hardouin-Mansart designed an opera room at the tip of the north wing but this project was delay. IN 1769, Gabriel was commissioned to build a theatre to host the festivities honoring the marriage of the Dauphin (Louis XVI) to the Archduchess of Austria-Lorraine, Marie-Antoinette. The opera was built, a lush combination of blues, pinks, and golds.

It has an elliptical shape, made up of a dress circle and two floors of boxes above the parterre with the Royal Box in the middle. A row of ionic order columns forms the second balcony (which is also divided into boxes). If attendance was expected to be larger, a third level could be created between the two permanent ones.

The ceiling with the triumph of Apollo was painted by Durameau. The foyer is decorated with trompe-l’oeil paintings and sculpures by Pajou with wood and stucco imitations of stone, bronze, and marble.

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