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28 Jan

How Long Will It Take To Drive From LA To Vegas?

Drive Vegas To LA

Drive Vegas LA

Drive LA Vegas

Drive From Vegas To LA From Car

It usually takes us around 5 hours straight (no pitstops).
On weekends, it takes longer (add a couple hours).
On holiday weekends, forget about it!

We once did a day in LA.
We drove from Vegas in the morning,
spent the day,
and then drove back.
We’ll NEVER do that again.
We were zombies to the point of dangerous.
The hubby and I jokingly refer to that as the longest trip ever.
As shotgun trying to keep the driver awake,
I was babbling towards the end.

Be careful of your speed.
The police know you want to get there in a rush.
This route is one of their favorites to haunt.

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