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20 Feb

Is Bath, England Haunted?

Bath Abbey Bath England

Bath England

Horse And Buggy Bath England

Yes, Bath IS haunted, very haunted.

Here are some of Bath’s most famous ghosts…

Bath’s most famous and often seen ghost is The Man In The Black Hat. He is dressed in late 18th century clothes, often wearing a black cloak. The best place to spot him is around the Assembly Rooms (Saville Row and Bennett Street).

Freezing Hill, just outside Bath, was the site of the Battle Of Lansdown. Several 17th century ghosts still roam the hill.

The Royal Crescent has the most impressive and romantic haunting. There have been sightings of an elegant coach drawn by four horses, spiriting Elizabeth Linley of No. 11 off to elope with Irish politician and playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

The Theatre Royal and the Garrick’s Head pub (St. John’s Place and Saw Close) share ghosts. There have been sightings of both a lady in a gray dress and her handsome well-dressed lover from the 18th century. The lover was killed by her jealous husband. The wife then committed suicide.

There is a butterfly ghost in the Theatre Royal. A tortoiseshell butterfly appears there during the pantomime run each year. Strangely enough that is not butterfly season.

There are many, many others but those are some of my favorites.

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