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31 Jul

Plants Vs Ruins Pompeii Italy

Sign Plants Vs Ruins Pompeii Italy

As soon as the ruins of Pompeii were excavated, the relationship between plants and ruins as defined: the ancient buildings were soon overgrown as the plants’ riotous growth is encourage by the fertility of the volcanic soil and by the mild climate.

A lot of time had to pass before the archaeological area was organized, for example applying new technologies, and using a combined approach to the restoration of the gardens with an integrated system of vegetation management that respected the precious local flora.

The gardens of ancient Pompeii are today unique in the world, as they show the organization of green spaces in a provincial city 2,000 years ago.

Flowers Out Of Ruins Pompeii Italy

Grass Amidst The Ruins Pompeii Italy

Grass Fence Ruins Pompeii Italy

Poppies In The Fields of Pompeii Italy

Poppies Trees Pompeii Italy

Roses Pompeii Italy

Ruins And Grass Pompeii Italy

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