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16 Aug

Glossary Of Pompeii T-Z

Gray Brick Arch Decorated Details Pompeii Italy

Gray Columns Big Tree Tourists Pompeii Italy

Street Arched Windows Square House Pompeii Italy

Street Entrance Square Door Square Building Pompeii Italy

Tourists Street Red Buildings Tour Groups Pompeii Italy

(Taken From Official Guidebook)

a public room of the home, between the atrium and the peristyle

sculpted architectural supports depicting male figures

third style:
painted wall decoration (20 BC - 50 AD), also known as ‘ornamental’, that divides the surface into precise vertical and horizontal sections by means of plant or linear architectural elements, in the center of which are decorative motifs and decorated panels

dining room, where people seated on couches along three sides of the room

element of a Doric frieze, alternated with the metope, characterized by three vertical grooves

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