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10 Mar

Angela Peralta Theater, Mazatlan, Mexico

Angela Peralta Theater Mazatlan Mexico

Angela Peralta Theater Doorway Mazatlan Mexico

Angela Peralta Theater Sign Mazatlan Mexico

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Angela Peralta Theater

This neo-classical gem is one of the few 19th century theaters still in operation in northwestern Mexico. It was built and named for businessman Manuel Rubio by engineer Andres Librado Tapia and its grand opening took place in February of 1874. For more than a century, the Angela Peralta has done service as an opera house and theater, a circus, boxing arena, cantina and cinema. And it also hosted school ceremonies, vaudeville performances, burlesque shows and annual Carnival events before being closed down for 30 years.

In the early 1940’s, the theater was renamed in honor of ‘The Mexican Nightingale,’ Angela Peralta, an internationally-known homegrown diva who died of yellow fever shortly before her scheduled Mazatlan performance in 1882. Her tragic death had a powerful impact on the city’s cultural history and on the theater itself which underwent long years of restoration before its triumphant re-opening in 1992.

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