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28 Feb

Cool Retreat, Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Sign Cool Retreat Harrisons Cave Barbados

Broad Leafy Plant Red Flower Harrisons Cave Barbados

Cool Retreats Harrisons Cave Barbados

White flower yellow center Harrisons Cave Barbados

(as per sign)

Cool Retreat

Gullies have long been a favourite attraction on Barbados. In 1789, an early visitor sent a letter home to England that was published in a London magazine. The writer says, “gullies… run for many miles in all directions… Many of these profound and silent bottoms abound with the most romantic scenery, composed of lofty perpendicular cliffs, fantastic grottos, deep caverns and huge rocks that resemble ruined castles, overrun with groves and thickets… the refreshing moisture of perpetual shade… afford the most cool and delicious retreats.”

27 Feb

Flies, Oranjestad, Aruba

Flies In The Window Of The Paddock Restaurant Oranjestad Aruba

Okay, I know tropical countries may have a fly problem, but does a restaurant really want to display this in their window?

26 Feb

Landscape Of Aruba

Cactus With Boulders Landscape Aruba

Big Boulder Landscape Aruba

Sand With Boulders Beach Landscape Aruba

Orange Black White Bird on Finger Cactus Landscape Aruba

Landscape Sign Aruba

(As per sign found at California Lighthouse)


Aruba’s semi-arid climate produced gently rolling hills that are home to an unusual combination of flora and fauna showcasing a variety of desert plants while also home to peaceful creatures who share the wealth of their habitat.

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