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29 Apr

Vegetation Zones, Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Sign Vegetation Zones Harrisons Cave Barbados

Aerial Roots Harrisons Cave Barbados

Gully Wall Vegetation Harrisons Cave Barbados

Gully Floor Red Flower Harrisons Cave Barbados

(as per sign)

Vegetation Zones

A gully typically contains several habitat zones:

- Top/Rim – a transition zone between the gully and the surrounding area. The plants here are comprised of a mixture of gully species and those found outside gullies. Several of the gully rim plants produce aerial roots.

- Gully Wall – steep-sided cliffs, with only pockets of soil where ferns and lithophytic (rock-rooted) species may grow. The gully walls often have a surface layer of dark-coloured blue-green bacteria. The plants found on gully walls need very little water and soil to survive.

- Gully Slope – may have coral fossils; the soil here is well-drained due to the steep slope.

- Gully Floor – the soil here is often very deep, which allows tall trees to grow. The soil is also rich and very moist. The gully floor seldom has flowing streams but may have disappearing (ephemeral) ponds – water that tends to pool after a rain, only to slowly drain away. The plants found on the gully floor are protected from direct sunlight.

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