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29 Jul

Visiting Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Entrance Fee Harrisons Cave Barbados

Elevators Harrisons Cave Barbados

Cave Interpretation Centre Harrisons Cave Barbados

Middle Tree Harrisons Cave Barbados

Finger Limestone Formations Harrisons Cave Barbados

The entrance fee for Harrison’s Cave is $60 Barbados dollars or around $30 U.S. This is really only the fee for the caves as you can wander the grounds without showing a ticket but lets be honest, the caves are the main attraction. When you buy your ticket, you get assigned a number for the guided tour. There are both easy walking trails down to the lower level (where the entrance to the cave is, and where the tour starts) and elevators. The walking trails have signs with information about vegetation and gullies. At the bottom of the elevators is the Cave Interpretative Centre where your tour will start. There are also trails to hike and a few vendors as you wait for your tour.

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