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29 Sep

What To Wear For Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Cave pool Harrisons Cave Barbados

Limestone Drip Cone Like Harrisons Cave Barbados

Marble Like Dripping Limestone Harrisons Cave Barbados

Underground Cave Stream Harrisons Cave Barbados

The formations in Harrison’s Cave are the results of water dripping through the rocks which means that, gasp, water drips through the rocks. Although you are sitting in a buggy for the tour, you will get wet. Water will drip quite heavily on your head. It might be nice to have a rain slicker with a hood, or you can do as we did, and simply dry off in the sun afterward. You will get the opportunity to get out of the buggy, and tramp around a bit, so wearing shoes with a solid grip is advised (again it is wet and slippery). The hiking trails around Harrison’s Cave are wonderful and not to be missed so these shoes with a grip will come in handy there also.

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