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03 Dec

Taking A Minibus From Roseau To The Emerald Pool, Dominica

Tour Buses Dominica Museum Roseau Dominica

Street Tour Buses Roseau Dominica

Emerald Pool Tour Dominica

Massacre Tour Dominica

Rock Formations Tour Roseau Emerald Pool Dominica

No trip to Dominica is complete without a trip to the lush interior. If you walk along the street beside the Dominica Museum/Tourist Information, you’ll find many bus drivers looking for your business. To cut the cost, we shared a minibus with a British couple to go to the Emerald Pool and back. It cost $15 per person. The driver is simply that, a driver. He isn’t a tour guide, and when instructed, he’ll take you to your destination via the shortest route. There are two main routes to the Emerald Pool. We asked to go a different route on the way back to Roseau. We also asked to stop to take pictures of the mural in the small town of Massacre, and to take some photos of the different rock formations.

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