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20 Dec

The Value Of A Good Guide, Dominica

Ferns Growing On Trees Trafalgar Falls Dominica

On our first trip to Dominica, we hired a guide through Bumpiing Tours. Not much in Titou Gorge, or Trafalgar Falls is marked and there are few signs. The guide not only pointed out the main sights but also things like this fern growing off of another tree, explaining the wonders of Dominica and the rainforest. On our second trip to Dominica, we hired a driver to take us to the Emerald Pool. The driver simply drove. He was chatty but he either didn’t know much about the area or he didn’t share it. We didn’t learn a lot on that second trip. When we next visit Dominica, we’ll hire a guide, rather than a driver. It is more expensive but better value.

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