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10 Dec

Ivo Grbic Baroque House, Dubrovnic, Croatia

Ivo Grbic Baroque House Dubrovnic Croatia 2

Ivo Grbic Baroque House Dubrovnic Croatia 1

Ivo Grbic Baroque House Dubrovnic Croatia 3

Ivo Grbic Baroque House Dubrovnic Croatia Sign

(as per sign)

On December 6th, 1991 the baroque house in the heart of Dubrovnik in which Ivo Grbic lived and worked was hit during Serbian and Montenegrian aggression and it burnt down as well as all his belongings:

-Great opus of drawings and paintings of his youth, especially from the period when he attended evening courses under the guidance of the reputable Croatian painter Ivo Dulcic (1946-1950)

-All aquarels her created while teaching at Babino Polje on the island of Mljet

-Almost all of his works from the 7-year period of being a student at the Academy of Fine Arts-graduation portrait painting

-Many drawings, graphics and paintings created after the Academy

-Many conceptual sketches for graphic and plastic design

-Three big metal bookcases specially designed for graphics and posters

-Many ceramic plates with plastic illustrations of Dubrovnik sights

-Replicas of apothecary vases from the Franciscan Pharmacy and Domus Christi Pharmacy

-Ceramic vase lamps with painted lamp-shades

-49 posters of IVO GRBIC-ART STUDIO signed by thousands of visitors of the small gallery on the ground floor of the Palace

-21 individual exhibitions’ posters, catalogues and comments books

-Rich private library containing more than 2 thousand professional books on history and art

-Etnographic collection of all folk costumes and objects from the Dubrovnik region coast (Dubrovacko primorje), island of Mljet and Konavle

-Photos, negatives and diapositives, audio and video recordings of family life and other events

Numerous anti-war protest texts, installations and happenings have been created and exhibited under motto “NEVER FORGET!”, not only in the burnt and restored Palace, but also in the windows on the main street Stradun, throught 15 years of Serbian-Montenigrin aggression (1991-2006).

Artistic installations in the windows of formers salons of Matica hrvatska, pharmacy “Zvonik”, Dubrovnik bank, former bookshop at the corner of the Siroka street; in the windows of tourist bureau and inside the Cathedral have drawn visitors and made them think.

Many art interventions have been exhibited during holidays like: St. Nicola’s Day, Christmas time and New Year’s Day, Epiphany, St. Blaise’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Day and Whitsuntide.

This alertness after the tragedy on December 6th, 1991 kept me alive, fresh and inventive! Thank Godness!

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