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28 Feb

Samuel In Princess Cays, Bahamas

Around The Bend Princess Cays Bahamas

Fisherman Princess Cays Bahamas

Natural Rock Princess Cays Bahamas

Samuel Princess Cays Bahamas Fish

Walking past the Sanctuary Bungalows in Princess Cays, we bumped into Samuel. He’s a local (living in Eleuthera) and rents fishing gear to tourists. This is a photo of a scaled fish, the sole catch of the day. Samuel was very friendly and told us numerous stories about the islands. He told us how the island was flooded so badly that coffins from the cemetery floated to the surface. One of his buddies living close to the cemetery heard a knock, knocking on the door. When he opened the door, he saw a coffin. The lid was open and the corpse inside had his arms crossed over his chest. His friend was so freaked out that he waded through the waist-high water, fleeing his home.

27 Feb

Natural Beach In Princess Cays, Bahamas

Princess Cays Bahamas Natural Beach Turtle Laying

Princess Cays Bahamas Natural Rock Shore

Princess Cays Rock Piling Bahamas

Surf Fishing Entry Sign Princess Cays Bahamas

We walked far to the west in Princess Cays, past the surf fishing station manned by Samuel, a very friendly local. The rock by the tender dock was brought into the area, as was the sand in the nearby beaches. However, the rocky shoreline by the surf fishing station is natural and when we rounded the bend, we discovered natural beach. Samuel says this is the ideal place for turtle spotting. The turtles lay their eggs in this stretch of sand. Be careful when snorkeling during egg laying season as sharks come closer to land looking for baby turtles (and juicy tourists - grins).

26 Feb

Horses In The Bavarian Festival, Vatican City

Bavarian Parade Suede Shorts Horses Vatican Italy

Bavarian Parade Cross Horses Vatican Italy

Bavarian Parade Green White Horses Vatican Italy

Bavarian Parade Float Golden Horses Vatican Italy

I’m a horse lover and I was thrilled to see so many horses featured in the Bavarian Festival. They were ridden and also pulled floats and were beautifully decorated.

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