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30 Jul

Sea Of Riches, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Legend Of The Seas Lahaina Maui Hawaii Sunset

Sea Of Riches Lahaina Maui Hawaii Sign

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Sea of Riches

Looking toward the ocean, you’ll notice the reef that is prominent from the waves washing over it. In the days of the ancient chiefs and kingdom, this reef was called Ka Papa Limu A Pi’ilani (meaning “the seaweed reef of Pi’ilan,” the great chief) because it was known to contain every variety of seaweed important to the Hawaiians. Just south of here was Mikila, a primary fishing ground, where men would stand on the reef and throw out their nets to retrieve a bountiful catch.

As you can imagine, this long reef was prized in ancient times for its rich food source. But it was also a prime recreational spot. The high chiefs of old Hawai’i would take their papa he’e nalu (surfboards) and ride to shore. The longest continuous wave on Maui began at ‘Uo (north of here at the edge of the harbor) and continued to Makila Beach. The area you are gazing at was so coveted, in fact, that it remained Crown Land even after the Great Mahele land partitioning of 1848.

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