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28 Jul

Waine’e Ahupua’a Lahaina Maui Hawaii Sign

Mountains Lahaina Maui Hawaii

Wainee Ahupuaa Lahaina Maui Hawaii Sign

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Waine’e Ahupua’a

From the mountains through fertile valleys to the sea, the ancient Hawaiian concept of land division (ahupua’a) took into account everything that would be needed for humans to survive and thrive as a community.

The division usually encompassed an entire valley, continuing to the ocean and extending from the reef out to the sea. If you turn to look at the mountain peaks and follow the sight-line down to this beach, you will get a good idea of the land division called Waine’e (flowing water).

Waine’e was so plentiful in water that the plain of Lahaina flourished with patches of taro, sweet potato and sugar cane, and was well-shaded by groves of breadfruit and coconut trees. Narrow canals were cut across the land so people could traverse by canoe. Hawaiians of old had a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings and with each other, exchanging the bounty they harvested from the land and sea.

27 Jul

Sacred Land Of Royalty, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Sacred Hut Lahaina Maui Hawaii

Sacred Land Of Royalty Lahaina Maui Hawaii

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Sacred Land Of Royalty

Throughout the centuries, Waine’e and in particular the subdivision (‘ili) of Kalua O Kiha in which you are standing have been coveted by Hawaii’s royalty. This area holds a rich freshwater source that moves slowly down from Kaua’ula Valley through underground lava tubes. These life-giving waters would occasionally percolate to the surface through cracks in the tubes and create springs (puna). From these, high chiefs took their drinking and purification ceremonial waters. An abundance of freshwater was a symbol of wealth and essential to royalty.

Today, evidence of the freshwater can still be seen percolating at the edge of the ocean between the two building complexes at the south end of this park. This area (to the left, right and behind where you are standing) contained a bounty of freshwater ponds. A sluice gate (makaha) was constructed where the water met the sea, allowing ocean fish to enter the ponds from Loko O Nalehu inland.

The largest fishpond was Loko O Mokuhinia. It was part of the sacred grounds of Hawaii’s royal complex, known as “Moku’ula.” The waters of these ponds (still underground today) were protected by the lizard-like deity that guarded them, a mo’o.

26 Jul

Sunset In Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Sunset Lahaina Maui Hawaii 1

Sunset Lahaina Maui Hawaii 2

Sunset Lahaina Maui Hawaii 3

Sunset Lahaina Maui Hawaii 4

Lahaina was a late stay for the cruise ship (Legend Of The Seas) which meant we could watch the sunset from the beach.

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