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27 Dec

Lizards Of Aruba

Blue Lizard In Thorns Aruba

Brown And White Lizard Aruba

Green And Blue Lizard Aruba

Lizard On Pavement Tail Aruba

Lizard Under Thorns Aruba

While trekking from the bus stop to the California Lighthouse, we spotted SO many brightly colored lizards. Check out the thorn bushes some lizards are hiding under. Yeah. Those thorns are serious business so watch where you walk.

26 Dec

Crystal Casino, Oranjestad, Aruba

Crystal Casino Oranjestad Aruba

If you are feeling lucky while visiting Aruba, you can head to the Crystal Casino. If your luck pays off, there are some high end shops nearby where you can spend your winnings.

25 Dec

Donkeys, Aruba

We didn’t see any donkeys while trekking around Aruba. We saw donkey droppings, and this donkey/horse hitch but no live donkeys.

Donkey Horse Hitch Aruba

Donkeys Sign Aruba

(As per sign found at California Lighthouse)


Donkeys were brought to Aruba in the 1500’s by the Spanish conquistadors to assist the Indians they enslaved. When the Indians were removed to Hispaniola, the donkeys left behind became creatures of the wild. Later settlers used them as transportation and again were set loose. Visit today’s, Donkey Sanctuaries which provide loving homes for these hard-working animals.

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