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15 Sep

Sovereign of the Seas

Sovereign of the Seas

Sovereign of the Seas 1
Coco Cay is the perfect place
to take great photos of your ship
(pictured is the Sovereign of the Seas),
especially as one member of your party
waits in the return tender boat line.

14 Sep

Souvenirs From Coco Cay, Bahamas

Chairs Coco Cay Bahamas

For those that HAVE to shop,
there are tables and huts set up with (overpriced) trinkets.
However, as no one lives on the Coco Cay,
everything comes from somewhere else.

You can find some beautiful conch shells
wading along the shoreline
but don’t risk grabbing a live shell.
These are not allowed back on the ship.

You are discouraged from picking the flowers also.

13 Sep

Wildlife On Coco Cay, Bahamas

Sandpipers Coco Cay Bahamas

Along with fish
(and supposed stingrays - we saw none),
there are several types of sea faring birds
on Coco Cay.
I heard there were also iguanas
along the nature trail.
We didn’t spot any.

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