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24 Sep

Bust Of Sir Milo B. Butler, Nassau, Bahamas

Bust Of Sir Milo B. Butler Nassau Bahamas

Across from Parliament Square
is a quaint park with a bust of
Sir Milo B. Butler,
the first Governor-General
of The Islands Of The Bahamas.

Nearby is the Nassau Public Library And Museum
which used to be the Nassau Jail
(or Goal as they call it).
The librarian was quite friendly
and allowed us to wander around.

23 Sep

Parliament Square Nassau Bahamas

Parliament Square Nassau Bahamas

The colorful pink buildings
cloistered around the stature of Queen Victoria
the Houses of Assembly,
the old Colonial Secretary’s Office
and the Supreme Court.
There are tours available
but we didn’t take them.

22 Sep

Wildlife At Love Beach

Sandpipers Love Beach Bahamas

Other than the fish
and a couple very friendly dogs,
the only wildlife we saw at Love Beach
were the crabs
and the birds (Sandpipers are pictured).
But as the beach was empty,
there were quite a few of those.

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