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09 Mar

Ubud Bali

Ubud BaliBali, one of my favorite places on earth,
has a great mixture of tropical paradise,
friendly people,
and art.
Walking down the street,
we’d get approached by people,
offering to sell us beautifully carved boxes (for pennies)
and other art.

05 Nov

Monkey Forest Bali

Monkey Forest Bali

The hubby and I had the misfortune
to go to the monkey forest very early in the morning,
before the monkeys were fed.

This seemingly harmless family of monkeys
chased us, their teeth bared (canines)
out of the sanctuary.

The entrance fee was not expensive.
As we spent less than five minutes there.

04 Nov

Monkey Forest Sign Bali

Monkey Forest Sign Bali

The Monkey Forest (a sanctuary) is
one of the things to do
while in Bali.
Timing of the monkey forest trek is crucial.
We went early in the day before the monkeys were fed.
Yes, there are signs saying don’t feed the monkeys
but the monkeys can’t read.
They expect you to feed them.

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