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03 Dec

Taking A Minibus From Roseau To The Emerald Pool, Dominica

Tour Buses Dominica Museum Roseau Dominica

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Emerald Pool Tour Dominica

Massacre Tour Dominica

Rock Formations Tour Roseau Emerald Pool Dominica

No trip to Dominica is complete without a trip to the lush interior. If you walk along the street beside the Dominica Museum/Tourist Information, you’ll find many bus drivers looking for your business. To cut the cost, we shared a minibus with a British couple to go to the Emerald Pool and back. It cost $15 per person. The driver is simply that, a driver. He isn’t a tour guide, and when instructed, he’ll take you to your destination via the shortest route. There are two main routes to the Emerald Pool. We asked to go a different route on the way back to Roseau. We also asked to stop to take pictures of the mural in the small town of Massacre, and to take some photos of the different rock formations.

04 Oct

The Formation Of The Emerald Pool, Dominica

Water Through Rocks Emerald Pool Dominica

Tree Roots Emerald Pool Dominica

Carib Vista Emerald Pool Dominica

Sign Emerald Pool Part 1 Dominica

Emerald Pool

Type: Plunge Falls

Height: 40 ft (12 m)

Relief: Steep rugged terrain

Seasonality: Highest flow during rainy season (June to October)

Elevations: 525 – 600 m


Length – 36 ft / 10.7 m

Width – 37.5 ft / 11.43 m

Depth – 5 ft / 1.5 m

Rock types: Dacite, Andesite, Welded tuff, Lava

Tuff: Sedimentary rock formed by the accumulation of volcanic ash, pumice or scoria

Clay at the base of the fall

Consolidated volcanic rock

Sign Emerald Pool Part 2 Dominica


Located at the northernmost tip of the Morne Trois Pitons National Part World Heritage Site.

The cliff which is covered with ferns, mosses and liverworts encompasses the pool at the base of a 12m (40ft) waterfall. The Greenery of these plants is reflected in the water thus giving it a green appearance – hence the name the “Emerald Pool”

The pool, shallow enough for a swim, is reached via a five minute walk through the secondary rain forest. The source of water comes from the L’or River


The geology of the Emerald Pool constitutes an assortment of igneous volcanic rocks as well as evidence of sedimentary material. The volcanic rocks include andesite, dacit, tuff (welded inclusive) and ash. There are sedimentary material such as clay and sand. These can be seen in well defined strata at the foot of the cliff adjacent to the pool.

Sign Emerald Pool Part 3 Dominica

Waterfall-Plunge Formation

The layers of hard resistant rocks above and soft less resistant rocks below follow the classical pattern for the formation of a plunge fall.

Plunge falls occur where a strong layer of horizontal bedrock is underlain by a weaker layer.

Since the weaker layer is eroded faster than the hard layer, the hard layer begins to overhang the weak layer.

Eventually the overhanging layer is no longer able to support its own weight, and it breaks off and crashes to the ground.

Once this occurs, the weaker layers is subjected to increased erosion, a new overhang develops, and the cycle continues.

Evidence of this occurs at the Emerald Pool.

Undercutting is also present since there are features shaped like small “caves” at the base of the pool which result from the action of water on the softer, less resistant rocks.

The Pool

The bottom of the pool is layered with resistant volcanic rock and eroded sand and silt. The pool is surrounded by huge boulders, most of which appear to originate from the steep cliff facing the fall area.

04 Sep

Some Wildlife Found In Emerald Pool, Dominica

Some Wildlife Found In Emerald Pool Dominica

Before going to the Emerald Pool, you pass through an information center. There are some wonderful posters and displays.

We didn’t see any wildlife as it was pouring rain.

Here is a poster of wildlife you could see, if you are luckier than we were.

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