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21 Feb

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge Far England

Stonehenge England Circle Far

Stonehenge Near England

Heel Stone Stonehenge England

Heel Stone

Station Stone Stonehenge

Station Stone

Burial Mounds Stonehenge

Burial Mound

Stonehenge Murals

Stonehenge Murals

Official Brochure Stonehenge Front

Official Brochure Stonehenge Back

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Stonehenge is the most outstanding prehistoric monument in the British Isles and is a World Heritage Site.

Imagine that you are walking among the ancient people who mapped the course of the sun and moon to build this monument.

Look for the burial mounds in the landscape where they buried their leaders.

Stonehenge is the centre of one of the world’s earliest cultures. Take time to explore Stonehenge and the surrounding area - there is much to see.

Complimentary Audio Tours (subject to availability) help you learn about Stonehenge, its history and surroundings. Our Guide Book, which is available at the entrance and shop, contains photographs, text and illustrations that bring the history of Stonehenge alive.

Some 7-8,000 years ago the area was mixed pine and hazel woodland before becoming downland. This landscape can be seen on the murals as your proceed through the tunnel on your way to the monument. We know this from evidence from several Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) pits discovered in the late 1960’s at the far end of the car park. These are now indicated by white discs on the tarmac.

The larger stones you see in the circle are Sarsen stones, brought from the Marlborough Downs 19 miles (30 km) away and the smaller stones, known as the Bluestones, are from the mystical Preseli Mountains in Wales, 240 miles (385 km) away.

Today you see the remains of a prehistoric monument that was in use thousands of years ago. It was constructed in three main phases:

3050BC (5,050 years ago)
Circular ditch and bank (a henge).

Circa 2600BC (4,600 years ago)
Wooden structure constructed at centre.

2500-1500BC (4,500 - 3,500 years ago)
Stone monument constructed, arranged and re-arranged over almost 1,000 years.

01 Jul

Burial Mound Stonehenge England

Burial Mound Stonehenge England

Outside of the immediate site
(i.e. the area you pay to enter),
there are burial mounds
in the surrounding fields.
Not much to see there
but the walk there and back
is very nice.
A bit of English countryside
(up close and personal with the cows)

30 Jun

Stonehenge Heel Stone

Stonehenge Heel Stone

There is a giftshop at Stonehenge
where there are pagan related works
by local artisans.
Of course, you can likely find them less expensive
outside of the site,
but they weren’t unreasonably priced.

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