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17 Dec

The Royal Opera

Vase Versailles

The Royal Opera (not shown)

In 1685 Hardouin-Mansart designed an opera room at the tip of the north wing but this project was delay. IN 1769, Gabriel was commissioned to build a theatre to host the festivities honoring the marriage of the Dauphin (Louis XVI) to the Archduchess of Austria-Lorraine, Marie-Antoinette. The opera was built, a lush combination of blues, pinks, and golds.

It has an elliptical shape, made up of a dress circle and two floors of boxes above the parterre with the Royal Box in the middle. A row of ionic order columns forms the second balcony (which is also divided into boxes). If attendance was expected to be larger, a third level could be created between the two permanent ones.

The ceiling with the triumph of Apollo was painted by Durameau. The foyer is decorated with trompe-l’oeil paintings and sculpures by Pajou with wood and stucco imitations of stone, bronze, and marble.

17 Dec

The Pyramid And Bathing Nymphs, Versailles

The Pyramid And Bathing Nymphs

The Pyramid And Bathing Nymphs

In the top of the photo, you’ll see the Pyramid Fountain.
Designed by Girardon (1669-70) after Lebrun,
it is a must see in the North Parterre.
Another is the fountain of the Bathing Nymphs
also by Girardon.

17 Dec

Grand Canal, Versailles

The Grand Canal Versailles

Boat Rentals The Grand Canal Versailles

Grand Canal East Versailles

Grand Canal Far East Versailles

The Grand Canal

Past the Fountain Of Apollo,
you’ll find the Grand Canal.
It is 5118 feet long and 394 feet wide
intersected a third of the way down
by a branch 3376 feet in length
(it leads just north of the Trianon).
Construction on the Canal was started in 1667-1668
and completed in 1680.
As early as 1669, great ‘naval’ festivities were held here.
In 1687, several Venetian gondoliers were put in charge of the flotilla
which sailed this stretch of water.

Today, you can rent boats,
though I found walking around it as pleasant
and much less expensive.

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