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16 Aug

Glossary Of Pompeii P-S

Honeycomb Wall Two Story Pillars Pompeii Italy

Mount Vesuvius Red Brick Arches Pompeii Italy

Red Brick Arch Tops Of Columns Details Pompeii Italy

Rows Of Pillars Gravel Floor Pompeii Italy

Tall Fir Trees Wall Pompeii Italy

(Taken From Official Guidebook)

garden surrounded by a colonnade of porticos

architectural element atop a capital, acting as a support and occasionally decorated

second style:
painted wall decoration (early 1st century BC - 20 BC), also known as ‘architectural’, which depicts and creates buildings not with stucco, but using lines painted artistically with regard to perspective

sectile opus:
decoration of floors or walls with marble tiles that outline geometric or figurative patterns

signinum opus:
powered terracotta, mixed with lime and sand, used to cover floors and walls to keep out moisture

15 Aug

Glossary Of Pompeii O

Grass Rock Walls Tubs Containers Pompeii Italy

Inside Food Stalls Doorway Pompeii Italy

Slab Bench Building 42 Window Pompeii Italy

Small Water Fountain Red Brick Street Pompeii Italy

Two Storey Columns Structure Pompeii Italy

(Taken From Official Guidebook)

opus africanum:
a building technique in which horizontal and vertical rows of large blocks act as a border; filled in with smaller stones

opus caementicium:
building technique in which the mortar was made up of a mixture of sand or crushed stones and lime

opus craticium:
economical building technique with square wooden frames filled with crushed rocks, bound together with lime and mud

opus incertum:
building technique in which the structure was made up of two outer beds of medium-sized stones - all the same kind or mixed - and filled with opus caementicium

opus latericium:
building technique with a core of opus caementicium and a facing made of tiles or bricks of different sizes laid in regular, overlapping rows

opus quadratum:
building technique in which large square blocks were laid in regular ashlar courses, without mortar

opus reticulatum:
building technique with a core of opus caementicium, covered with small pyramidal blocks arranged with their points embedded in the wall and exposed square bases forming a net-like diagonal pattern.

15 Aug

Glossary Of Pompeii L-M

A Blocked Off Street Pompeii Italy

Grass Red Brick Pillars Wall Pompeii Italy

Green Impluvium Pompeii Italy

Red Brick Triangles Gray Rocks Pompeii Italy

Upright Structure Pillars Ground Stones Pompeii Italy

(Taken From Official Guidebook)

flooring made of ground lava bound with sand and lime

freed slave, whose children were free citizens

sculpted of painted rectangular element, placed between two triglyphs in a Doric frieze

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