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24 Mar

Catherine Palace Pushkin Russia

Catherine Palace Pushkin Russia 3Russians,
because they don’t have the smiley-smiley ways of other countries
and don’t speak a romantic language,
sometimes get the reputation of being unfriendly and unhelpful.
The hubby and I had the opposite experience.
Everyone we talked to, despite the language differences,
were very patient and helpful with directions.

06 Feb

Catherine Palace Garden Pushkin Russia

Catherine Palace Garden Pushkin RussiaWhen visiting Catherine Palace in Pushkin,
ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time
to explore the gardens.
Around every bend is sculpture such as this.

27 Jan

Saint Petersburg Cityview Russia

Saint Petersburg Cityview Russia
Although Saint Petersburg is billed as the most
European of Russian cities,
English is not commonly used by locals.
Combine that with strict Visa requirements
and not many tourists explore Saint Petersburg
without a tour group.
That means solo travelers should budget more time to get around
and a lot of patience when asking for directions.
But it also means that the opportunities
for truly unique travel adventures
(The hubby and I had a blast).

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