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07 Mar

Green Valley Ranch Casino, Feast Buffet, Vegas


After the buffet at Paris was such a disappointment,
we searched for a couple new ones. 
The Feast Buffet at Green Valley Ranch
not only had a great variety
(the fish was wonderful and the desserts delicious)
but it was great value also.
Dinner with a player’s card was $17.99.
However, there is also usually a 2 for 1 coupon for any Feast buffet
in the Las Vegas Review-Journal
bringing the cost to $9 each.
A bargain.

Feast Light Fixture Vegas

Feast Greet Display Server Vegas

Feast Greet Display Vegas

Feast Entrance Vegas

Feast BBQ Ribs Station

Feast Carvery Station

Feast Dynasty Grill Station

Feast Fries Mashed Potatoes Station

Feast Ice Cream Station

Feast Mongolian Grill Station

Feast Pasta Station

Feast Catfish StationFeast Churro Station

Feast Corn Carrots Station

Feast Sweet Dreams

Feast BarsFeast Bread Pudding Bar Churro

Feast Breyers Ice CreamFeast Brownie Chocolate Cake Chocolate CoconutFeast Catfish Nachos

Feast Catfish Veal Parmagiana Bowtie PastaFeast Crab ClawsFeast MelonFeast Salmon Roast Beef Turkey Fried ChickenFeast Strawberry Milkshake

Feast Turkey Roast Beef Stuffing Lemon Chicken

06 Mar

Le Village Buffet, Paris, Vegas

Paris Souvenir Drinks

Le Village Buffet

Le Village Buffet Paris Bell Vegas

Eggs Bacon

Grilled Peppers Mushrooms Beef

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Blueberry Crepes Paris Vegas

Blueberry Crepes

Bread Pudding

Brownie With Chocolate Chips

Creme Caramel

We usually go to Le Village Buffet in Paris
every year
because it is one of the few
that have their less expensive breakfast slot
roll up into the pricier lunch slot
(with no gaps between service).

This year will be the last however.
The quality has decreased so much.
I knew something was up
when I saw those horrible chocolate chips on top of the brownies.
When I got to the crepe station (usually one of the highlights),
it was confirmed.
They had no nutella option available.
What creperie doesn’t have nutella?
Nope, too high end now for this value level (at least food-wise) buffet.

There are better deals for better food in Vegas.
Skip the buffet at Paris.

05 Mar

Bellagio Atrium, Chinese New Year, Vegas

Bellagio Chinese New Year Close Up Vegas

Bellagio Chinese New Year Display Vegas

Bellagio Chinese New Year Lanterns Vegas

Bellagio Bambo Floral Panda Vegas

Bellagio Bromeliad Guzmania Rana Vegas

Bellagio Bromeliad Vriesea Charlotte Vegas

Bellagio Chinese New Years Florals Vegas

Bellagio Cymbidiums Vegas

Bellagio Orchids Oncidiums Yellow Vegas

When we visit Vegas,
we always drop into the Bellagio’s atrium.
Because there’s always a new floral display.
It changes regularly with every special event.
Pictured is the 2009 Chinese New Year display
complete with floral Pandas.
I also love how all the floral is labeled.
Educational and beautiful!

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